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Weekend Challenge

Alright guys, I have a challenge for you over the weekend.  A few of you already told me what you goal is the other night and when you’d like to have it accomplished by, but for the rest of you, I challenge you to figure that out!  Find your driving force.  I wrote a newsletter on this topic last week for those of you who follow Fusion MMA’s weekly newsletter, but for those who don’t, check it out here.

Take some time this weekend to really think about it.  Figure out your big, long term goal, then break that up into several smaller goals along the way.  Having something to work towards has always been a great motivating force for me and I’d like to share that experience with everyone.

So if you feel comfortable with it, I’d encourage everyone to post their goals on here under the comments.  For some reason, by publicizing your goal, it makes it feel way more real.  People know what you are striving towards and you’re now being held accountable to take action and achieve it.

Good luck everyone and have a great weekend!

don't let any walls stand in your way!

don’t let any walls stand in your way!


Combat Conditioning Class

Join me at Fusion Mixed Martial Arts every Wednesday from 7:30 till 9:00 for our Ultimate Combat Conditioning Class! A perfect blend of agility, power, strength and endurance, my class will get the out of shape in shape, and the elite to a whole new level. The class is free to members of the gym and only $10 for non-members! Bring a friend or two and jump start your new healthy life!

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