Make Your Weaknesses Your Greatest Strengths

So tonight, for those of you who were able to make it to my conditioning class, I shared a personal story about how I realized too late something I should have worked on more.  I asked you all to try to think of at least one facet of your MMA game that you know you avoid because you aren’t that strong with it and share it here under the comments.  This is your chance to get it off your chest and allow myself and your fellow brothers here at Fusion to help you make your weaknesses your greatest strengths.

Below is a cover photo I made that you are all free to snag and use as your cover photos on facebook if you like!



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  1. In my training life I would like to work on well everything but especially my Judo and Jiu-Jitsu. That’s the big problem. In my personal life, I would like to work on not becoming frustrated with people so easily, especially my mom when I know she just wants to talk to me. I have made great strides in accomplishing this goal already but it is not perfect yet. And with the Judo/Jiu-jitsu, I can see a lot of progress but still needs lots of work.

  2. P.S. Im taking that picture.

  3. I so much enjoyed the conditioning class that was headed by Collin Wilson lastnight at Fusion MMA training center. However, I am bitter sweet with the aftermath, as my performance was surprising poor. I am a MMA fighter but more so a Martial Artsist and competing in over 30 bouts I feel I have challenge the limits of my body. Yet after just 3 months of set back from easing off training I found myself greatly out of shape/balance. I came to great realization today in the conditioning class that my old method of training is outdated and I lack understanding to improve on my own. I would like to get a better understanding of weight training as to increase my strength but keep mobility for competition. Also gain insight to regiment training in a way that I will maintain muscle with a vegetarian diet. I never been a fan of weight training, but I am noticing that adding components will only improve my game.

    -Jarrett McBride

  4. Oh and do you have the pick of me lifting Marc? lol

  5. Kick’s that’s my wekness. I want to kick HARD from every angle imaginable.

  6. Thanks for your replies guys! I hope you have all taken the next step in turning those weaknesses into your strengths!

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