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Interview on Physical Activity

Blood and Iron Fitness

Hey guys! Sorry for my absence but I have a new website with a few of my colleagues called Blood and Iron Fitness ( ) 

Please feel free to check that out and make sure to bookmark it for all of your fitness needs!!  We have put together a great writing staff and cover topics ranging from nutrition, to crossfit, to powerlifting, to trail running.  You name it, we most likely got it!  Thanks!

Training With An Injury Part 1

Blood and Iron

Yesterday, around 12:20pm I was attempting a new PR for my clean: 260lbs.  Let’s Tarentino this for more fun.  Here’s the ending of my story first:

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Are Stiff Ankles Causing Your Valgus Collapse?

Great Article by Justin Kompf!

3 Reasons You Consistently Fail To Reach Your Goals

Latest Post!

Blood and Iron

Hey guys, so I usually try to focus on the positive side of things, but I’ve been noticing a few trends lately that irk me.  My goal here is to help you understand what they are and how you can AVOID making these three big mistakes!

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The Three R’s

My new article I posted on my other site, Blood and Iron!

Blood and Iron

First off, a little house keeping stuff:  I’d like to introduce a few more awesome contributors to the site! Everyone give a warm welcome to Justin KompfMichael Sawyer, and Jared Evans!  All of these guys have an extensive knowledge in several areas of human performance.  These guys are putting in the man hours to bring you the science you need!  Be on the lookout for articles ranging from correctives, mobilization, workout challenges, and advice on how to improve your overall quality of life, which brings me to the main point of today’s article: My “Three R’s.”

First R: REST

I cannot begin to explain how incredibly crucial this component is.  If you aren’t getting around 8 hours of sleep per night, you’re hindering your chances for improvement.  The National Sleep Foundation says that the average adult needs about seven to nine hours of sleep each night. 

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Check out my good friend Mike Sawyer’s new Tactical Fitness Blog!!

Battle in the Burn Recap

Wow, what a weekend!  First off, thanks so much to Jamie Swagler and everyone at Burn City CrossFit for hosting such an amazing event.  Although it was only my first CrossFit competition, I felt the entire thing went very well.  So congrats to Jamie and everyone else behind the scenes who put the event together and made it such an amazing time!  You guys did great!

As for how I did, well…that’s another story!  I am a mere 5’5″, walking around at 155lbs.  Myself and my best friend, Zach Kellogg, were by far and away the smallest two competitors in the Rx division (the hardest division).  There were many guys our size and even bigger who opted to go with the scaled down division but we both wanted to run with the big dogs and show them we could hang.  And hang we did!  Albiet not incredibly well, but ya know, hanging by an entire hand or just a pinky; you’re still hanging none the less.  Out of 40 competitors in the Rx’ed division, I finished 31st and Zach finished 30th.  Being a glass half full kind of guy myself, I don’t see it as 30 people were better than me, I see it as I was better than 8 other people, who were all hardened badasses chiseled from moon rocks.  I can definitely hang my hat on that!

The first WOD was an alternating tabata of over the bar burpees and 95lb thrusters.  I know I can do 95lb thrusters but the problem was doing them in the tabata fashion.  I realized if I was to have a good score I’d have to do most of my work on the burpees so I went all out on those portions and just tried to stay steady and consistent with the thrusters.

The second WOD was just stupid.  Not because it was a bad WOD, but it was just so damn heavy!  3 complexes of overhead press, clean, front squat, deadlift @ 135lbs then 30 yd shuttle run, 6 complexes, 60yd shuttle run, 9 complexes 90yd shuttle run.  I did decent enough on WOD #1 but the weights for this workout really killed me.  Some of the bigger guys were finishing in 3 minutes or so….I finished in 8:01.  It was grueling but this is where size really helps.

The final WOD was another doozy.  7 minute AMRAP of 5 snatches at 135lbs and 20 double unders.  The snatches were difficult to begin with, doable, but difficult.  Now do them repeatedly for 7 minutes.  That was rough.  Ultimately, however, it wasn’t the snatches that bested me, it was those damn double unders!!  I have been practicing so much with a heavy rope that when I finally got my hands on a speed rope, my speed and timing was all wrong!! It was disastrous!  Oh well, I guess it’s time to get a legit speed rope.

Super Saiyan 2!!

Super Saiyan 2!!

All in all, this was an incredible experience and I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to compete and try my very best.  I gave it my all and even though I didn’t win, I still walked away with my head held high that I did it.  It’s a great feeling.  Now it’s back to the gym to get bigger, faster, stronger!!!

-Weakness into Strength-