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Hey guys! Sorry for my absence but I have a new website with a few of my colleagues called Blood and Iron Fitness ( www.bloodandiron315.com ) 

Please feel free to check that out and make sure to bookmark it for all of your fitness needs!!  We have put together a great writing staff and cover topics ranging from nutrition, to crossfit, to powerlifting, to trail running.  You name it, we most likely got it!  Thanks!

Training With An Injury Part 1

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Yesterday, around 12:20pm I was attempting a new PR for my clean: 260lbs.  Let’s Tarentino this for more fun.  Here’s the ending of my story first:

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Are Stiff Ankles Causing Your Valgus Collapse?

Great Article by Justin Kompf!

3 Reasons You Consistently Fail To Reach Your Goals

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Hey guys, so I usually try to focus on the positive side of things, but I’ve been noticing a few trends lately that irk me.  My goal here is to help you understand what they are and how you can AVOID making these three big mistakes!

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The Three R’s

My new article I posted on my other site, Blood and Iron!

Blood and Iron

First off, a little house keeping stuff:  I’d like to introduce a few more awesome contributors to the site! Everyone give a warm welcome to Justin KompfMichael Sawyer, and Jared Evans!  All of these guys have an extensive knowledge in several areas of human performance.  These guys are putting in the man hours to bring you the science you need!  Be on the lookout for articles ranging from correctives, mobilization, workout challenges, and advice on how to improve your overall quality of life, which brings me to the main point of today’s article: My “Three R’s.”

First R: REST

I cannot begin to explain how incredibly crucial this component is.  If you aren’t getting around 8 hours of sleep per night, you’re hindering your chances for improvement.  The National Sleep Foundation says that the average adult needs about seven to nine hours of sleep each night. 

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Wall Crawlers

Hey guys! Another instructional today for ya.  This is another fun one, especially on those “Push” days.  This is going to smoke your core, your horizontal push, and your vertical push like crazy.  They’re called……



The movements are simple: a push-up followed by a handstand push-up.  Where the real challenge comes in is the transition between the two.  You start off in a standard push-up position with your feet right next to a wall.  After completing the push-up, you maintain that plank position and begin walking your hands back while simultaneously walking your feet up the wall until you achieve the handstand position.  From them perform your standard handstand push-up, then walk it out back to the regular push-up position.  Confused? Yeah, me too.  Here’s a video to help clarify:

As I mentioned earlier, this combination movement hits on both vertical and horizontal pushing planes of motion as well as giving an incredible core workout due to the fact that you must maintain a rigid core throughout.

I DO NOT recommend this movement for beginners as the core demands are very high and the handstand push-up is an advanced technique.  For experienced lifters or athletes, this would be a great choice to get the heart rate up.


Check out my good friend Mike Sawyer’s new Tactical Fitness Blog!!

Burpee High Pull

Hey guys! Quick one for you today.  Here is another installment in my FusionFit series I did for Mong Phu during my time as the intern strength and conditioning coach over at Fusion Mixed Martial Arts.  This one is explaining the Burpee High Pull.


For anyone who has performed a burpee before, you already know they have a high metabolic demand…aka they suck!  Sure 5 or 10 isn’t the end of the world, but 5 or 10 followed immediately by another exercise then back to the burpees?  Now you have a recipe for sweat and progress.  But what about the elite athlete who has trained their body to scoff at the simple burpee?  This is where things get fun for someone like me.

There are a plethora of innovative ways to increase the difficulty of the burpee such as a burpee pull-up, burpee broad jump, etc etc.  The list could go on and on.  One of my personal favorite iterations of the burpee is the burpee high pull.  You begin with a standard burpee but with a sand bag (or dumbbells) in your hands.  Drop down just like normal, but on the up phase, instead of just getting to the standing phase and dropping back down, you deadlift the sandbag off the floor and pull it vertical to about chest/chin level depending on your ROM restrictions.  Now even this has a couple different ways to perform the same movement. With a lighter weight, you can use all arms/shoulders the perform the high pull, or you could use a heavier bag and utilize violent hip extension to thrust the bag up to the high pull postion much like the olympic lifts.  Your choice really just depends on what your training goal is.

These are a great way to add yet another stimulus to your already demanding burpee.  I wouldn’t recommend these for a beginner or novice client, but once they are ready, it’s a great tool to use to rev that heart rate up.

Have fun!

-Weakness into Strength-